What's New
  . Container apartments to ease Shanghai housing squeeze1-18
  . Renter won't leave flat, now lives at jail11-30
  . Court awards ex-husband Shanghai apartment11-16
  . Two-thirds buy homes before marriage10-30
  . Shanghai¡¯s subsidized housing programs moving forward10-19
  . China Housing Prices Rise at a Slower Pace10-9
  . Chinese, expat neighbors clash more often9-10
  . Morgan Stanley Ex-Official in China Sentenced to 9 Months in Prison .8-30
  . Hong Kong and China Home Prices 2013: Rising To "Alarming Levels"8-23
  . Shanghai luxury hotel aims to attract more long-term tenants7-23
  . Rents on the rise as home prices slacken7-15
  . The cost of creating a greener future6-26
  . Apartments for sale at weekend to fall by 45%5-14
  . Weak earnings cloud to hang over real estate4-17
  . Savills to manage new serviced residence in Shanghai3-28
  . Shanghai Women Unhappy with High Costs3-12
  . Homebuyers receive down payment help to reduce supply of housing2-28
  . Defining "Rich" in Shanghai and Beijing2-16
  . Real estate down under proving to be very attractive1-31
  . More victims show up in apartment subleasing scandal1-9
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