Local Buses
Shanghai buses run everywhere, but they are unbelievably crowded, especially during the early morning and late evening rush hours; they are extremely slow owing to the grotesque traffic congestion in the city; and few lines run the long distances needed to travel from one side of the city to the other. They operate from around 4am to 10.30pm , although each line has its own schedule. Fares are generally гд1 for regular buses and гд2 for air-conditioned ones; buy your ticket from the conductor on the bus. Carrying exact change will eliminate a lot of hassle. You can dial 160-881-60 for checking the bus route information (the service is in Chinese only and charges гд1/min.).

Tour Bus
There are several tour bus lines that take you traveling around the city. There are also buses that go to trips in other destinations like Suzhou , Hangzhou , etc. There are various options from 1 day to 3 night tours with or without tour guides.

Shanghai Jinjiang Tour Bus Lines:
A good way to see Shanghai is on the red Jin Jiang Tour Bus, which leaves from Jin Jiang Hotel (gate1), passing People's Square (West of Shanghai Museum), Oriental Pearl TV Tower (gate2), No.1 Yaohang shopping Center, NanPu bridge, Yu Garden, The Bund and then come back to People's Square and Jin Jiang Hotel (gate1). You can get off at any stop and reboard a later bus.
Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:15p.m. Saterday and Sunday 8:45-17:45p.m.
The bus arrives at each stop every half hour; ticket cost 18RMB and may be purchased on the bus.

No 1 Tour Bus Line : Shanghai Stadium to sightseeing spots in Songjiang District
Attraction: Shanghai Stadium, Guilin Park , Sheshan Hill State Holiday Resort, Square Pagoda Park , Garden of Drunken Poet Bai.

No. 2 Tour Bus Line : Shanghai Stadium to sightseeing spots in Nanhui County
Attraction: Shanghai Stadium, Xiqi World, Wild Animal Park

No. 3 Tour Bus Line : Shanghai Stadium to sightseeing spots in Pudong New Area Attraction : Shanghai Stadium, People's Square, Central Green Land of Liujiazui, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Binjiang Avenue, Jinmao Building, Shanghai Securities Exchange Building, Wuniu Town, Mingren Garden, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, Zhangjiang High-tech Park, Sunqiao Modern Farm, Huaxia Culture and Tourism Zone, Huaxia Tourism City

No. 4 Tour Bus Line : Shanghai Stadium to sightseeing spots in Qingpu County


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