Today, one in every five people on earth speaks Chinese. Now you have the opportunity to join this enormous community and to enjoy the advantages and the pleasure of learning the Chinese language.

Welcome to Mandarin House!

We offer year round courses at all levels for local expatriates and overseas students.

Great locations in Beijing and Shanghai

Centrally located in the most convenient areas of the city . Each of our campuses is located on major transportation routes and has up - to¨Cdate facilities, providing an excellent learning environment for our students. You can enjoy not only your language lessons, but also the vibrant city life.

Carefully selected Faculty and Staff who are enthusiastic in helping each student meet their individual goals.

Our Quality System covers areas such as: academics, teachers, lessons, testing, facilities, social programs and accommodation.

Most importantly, we respond to student feedback to make sure their time at Mandarin House is enjoyable and productive.

Our reputation for providing quality education meets the highest standards, and many of our former students recommend Mandarin House to their friends as the perfect place to learn Chinese!

Shanghai is a city that enjoys a certain reputation as a famed historical enclave due to its long history as a foreign occupied port through much of the 1800s and early 1900s. But that was a long time ago, and Shanghai today is a booming, bustling, vibrant and ever - changing city. The Paris of the east, as it is well know, is a dynamic urban metropolis that is fast becoming the dominant destination in Asia for business and leisure. Shanghai is a relatively young city full of energy and glamour; it is a mix of oriental and western culture ¨C bringing the best of both worlds together. As the fashionable leader of China, Shanghai is ready to receive guests from all over the world.

Mandarin House in Shanghai

Mandarin House provides seven campuses are all centrally located in the convenient areas of the city. Each of our campuses is located on major transportation routes and has up - to¨Cdate facilities, offering an excellent learning environment for our students. Ensuring that students can enjoy not only the language lessons, but also the vibrant city of Shanghai.

Things to do in Shanghai

Taking in an Acrobatic Show The famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe has performed around the globe and is a wonderful night out for visitors to Shanghai.

Strolling the Bund It is regarded as a landmark as well as the birthplace of Shanghai.

Visiting the Oriental Pearl Tower It consists of three big columns, and is the world's third tallest TV tower.

Walking in the People¡¯s Plaza It is the center of the city of Shanghai.

Visiting Shanghai Museum You can discover Shanghai's past as well as the history of China in general at this excellent museum.

Strolling in the Yuyuan Bazaar & shopping in the Yuyuan Garden Yu Yuan Bazaar is the largest Ming - and - Qing style architectural complex in downtown Shanghai. Yuyuan Garden maybe the most celebrated classical Chinese garden in Shanghai.

Riding Helicopter It's an excellent way to see the local area.

Having a drink in the bar on the top of the Jin Mao bulding in Pudong. (Billed as the highest bar in the world)

Exploring the smaller streets. Arm yourself with a road map or a taxi card and walk aimlessly through the former French Concession.

Boating along the Huangpu River You can take a boat cruise up/down the Huangpu River

¡¤ Downtown Campus
Tel: (8621) 5467-0707
Add: Suite 101 Tower 7 Lane 99 Central Urumqi Rd.

¡¤Pu Dong Campus
Tel: (8621) 5054-0033
Add: Suite 101 Tower 12 Lane 99 Pucheng Rd.

¡¤ Plaza 66 Campus
Tel: (8621) 6288-2308
Add: Rm 2212 No.1266 West Nanjing Rd.

¡¤ Xujiahui Campus
Tel: (8621) 6448-3381
Add: Rm 1109 Tower 1 No. 1 Hong Qiao Rd.

¡¤ Xintiandi Campus
Tel: (8621) 6390-6979
Add: Suite 2303 South Tower No. 283 Central Huaihai Rd.

¡¤ Hongqiao Campus
Tel: (8621) 6278-4008
Add: Rm 312 Tower B No. 317 Xianxia Rd.

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