More victims show up in apartment subleasing scandal

MORE expat victims, who used to keep silent in the latest apartment renting scam in Shanghai, have come forward to Shanghai Daily with their experience of being cheated by a runaway Canadian landlord and then evicted by apartment owners.

Seven new victims contacted Shanghai Daily today, increasing the total number to 60. The amount of the money involved in the case also rose to 340,000 yuan (US$53,883) from yesterday's 300,000 yuan. Victims, especially young exchange students with no income, said they are facing finical crisis in Shanghai with not much money to find place to live now.

The victims said Ryan Fedoruk, a 40-year-old Canadian and former English teacher, "disappeared" from the city after he allegedly cheated their money as he rented 30 apartments in the city and subleased the rooms to 80-plus tenants throughout last year.

The victim